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Savoring the Sandhills of North Carolina
Aberdeen, Southern Pines, and Pinehurst form the golfing triangle of the Sandhills. The three towns adjoin each other within the thirty square miles of sandy soil in the heart of Moore County, North Carolina. Each community has a heartbeat and flavor all its own, and each has a treasure of history, culture and charm.

Originally known as Blue’s Crossing after its founder, Malcolm Blue, Aberdeen set its roots with Scottish settlers in the mid 1800’s. Railroads transported various pine and lumber products, and after vast tracts of land had been cleared of its virgin pine, Allison Page sold the acreage to James Tufts who, in 1895 began work on his resort community, Tuftown, now known as Pinehurst.

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Aberdeen has had a history of fabulous 4th of July events with an entire day of national celebration that concludes with spectacular fireworks!

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Nineteenth century visitors who were drawn to
Pinehurst by its healing waters and relaxation, were soon seen in the pastures hitting little balls into burrowed holes. Mr. Tufts, the hotel owner, seized the opportunity to transform the terrain into fabulous golf courses. He sent to Scotland for the best course designer, Mr. Donald Ross, and the rest is history.


The third village of the triangle, Southern Pines, has a thriving downtown shopping area with a train running through the middle of the village. Passengers from the North would disembark here and go by carriage to the famous Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst.